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1. Dunamase Castle- The O'Mordha clan took Dunamase Castle in 1330 and became clan O'Mordha's main seat in which they ruled from until the English remove them. From 1325 until 1609, the castle belonged to the O'Moore family of Laois.

2. Moore's Hall- ( Moore's Hall, Mayo), or Moorehall, the house and estate of George Henry Moore and family, is situated to the south of the village Carnacon in the barony of Carra, County Mayo in a karst limestone landscape. The Moores were an aristocratic Irish family who built Moore Hall between 1792 and 1795. The first Moore of Moore Hall was George Moore, a name borne by many members of the family down the generations. The Moores were originally an English Protestant family but some became Catholic when John Moore married a Roman Catholic, Jane Lynch Athy of Galway, and when their son, George, married Katherine de Kilikelly (a.k.a. Kelly), an Irish-Spanish Catholic, in 1765. The ruins of the Moore family's large stately home, Moore Hall.

3. Dunsverick Castle- Owned by Fergus Mor

4. Lea Castle- In 1346 the castle was burned by the O'Moores. In 1452 the Earl of Ormond took it from the O'Dempseys. In 1533 it was in the possession of the FitzGeralds. In 1598 it was re-taken by the O'Moores.

5. Fort Navan- Owned by the Knights of the Red Branch. ( Conall Cearnach founder of clan O'Mordha).

6. Moorestown Castle- Owned and built by the O' Moores of Moorestown.

7. Garvey Castle- This castle, situated near Favor Royal, was the residence of the Mure family.

8. Timhoe Tower and Monastery- was rebuilt and founded the Monastery by the O'Mores.

9. Mellifont Abbey- In 1603 the Treaty of Mellifont was agreed between the English Crown and Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone in the abbey grounds, Mellifont was then the property of Garret Moore, 1st Viscount Moore, who was a close friend of Tyrone, and helped persuade him to sign the Treaty. The Moore family remained at Mellifont until 1927.

10. Mellifont Castle- Moore/ O'Moore owned this castle.

11.Ballyadam Castle- This is the remains of the 15th century abode of the O'Moore family.

12. Ballyhannon Castle- The castle is currently privately owned by an Ó Mórdha family.

13. Aherlow Castle- was later the property of the Moores of Mooresfort. Count Charles Moore was the occupier in 1906 when the buildings were valued at £20. It is now a ruin.

14. Clopook Ancient hill fortress- Owned by the Knights of the Red Branch. ( Conall Cearnach founder of clan O'Mordha).

15. Moore Abbey- Moore Abbey was built by the English engineer Christopher Myers in the Gothic style for Charles Moore, 1st Marquess of Drogheda in 1767.[1] The 10th Earl of Drogheda abandoned the house after the First World War and it was leased to John McCormack, the tenor, from 1925 to 1937.

16. Kilyleagh Castle- In 1667 the 2nd Earl married Lady Alice Moore, daughter of the Earl of Drogheda,

17. Ballygally Castle- The castle served as a coastguard station for several years, and then as a private residence for the Reverend Classon Porter family, and the Moore family.

18. Cloghan Castle- The castle and its lands were granted in the reign of Charles II. to Garrett Moore, descended from Rory Oge O’Moore, the chief of ancient Leix. One of his descendants married Margaret, daughter of the sixth Earl of Clanricarde. At Meelick, in the Moore family burial place, there is a slab stating:
“Here lies Sir John More my grandfather who died in the month of May, 1631. Also here lies Dame Margaret More otherwise De Burgo, my wife, who died in the month of February 1671, daughter of Richard, Earl of Clanricarde, in whose memory I Garrett More, Colonel in the King’s Army and faithful to the last, have caused to be constructed the tomb in which others of my family are also interred.”

19. Carrickfergus Castle- Owned by Fergus Mor. The Duke of Schomberg, an old soldier in his 70s who had become a military legend for his successes in the continental wars of the time, bombarded the town and the castle with mortars for seven days before Colonel Charles McKarty Moore surrendered.

20. Charleville Castle- first manison house to be built on the site of Charleville castle was by Thomas Moore circa 1641. The estate passed through the hands of Charles Moore, Lord Tullamore, grandson of Thomas, and when he died in 1674 it went via his sister Jane to Charles William Bury.

21. Durrow Mansion- Passed into the O'Moores clan.

22. Benburb Castle- One of these was occupied in 1622 by "Mr Moore, an Englishman, with his wife and family.

23. Ballylinan Castle- Built and owned by the O'Moores.

24. Brize/ Bree Castle- The original castle was the home of the Moore family in the 17th century.

25. Stradbally Abbey- Founded in 1447 by Lord O'More.

26. Rowallan Mansion/ House- Rev. John Robert Moore named his property " Rowallan" after his family's ancestral home. He has built and occupied the Rowallan house.

27. Ballycowan Castle- The castle was built in 1589 as a fortified house ansd was occupied by Thomas Moore.

28. Kilcloggan Preceptory Abbey- In 1183 was owned by the clan O'More.

29. Cloonbigny Castle- The ruins of the seventeenth century Moore residence known as Cloonbigny Castle in the County Roscommon parish of Taughmacconnell, viewed from the north.

30. Croghan Castle- Sir John Moore Knt who in 1599 held his castle of Croghan for the Queen after which he was knighted and made considerable additions to his estate namely the town of Clonfert by purchase from Anthony Marche the town of Crutmulloghrosse with 186 acres the castle of Ratrummon with 155 acres and by virtue of the commission for the plantation and disposition of lands in the county of Leitrim and the territory of Lly O Carrol King James I.

31. Ballintotis Castle- The tower was granted to George Moore in 1579, but recovered soon after by the FitzGeralds.

32. Meelick Castle- John Moore the younger, the first cousin of Richard Burke, 4th Earl of Clanricarde, became Clanricarde’s tenant at Meelick at some point, but the Earl eventually became dissatisfied with him as a tenant, as he failed to pay rental arrears long due. ‘I have been at great charge with the untowardly ward’, Clanricarde complained of Moore in a letter dating from about 1618-1619. He was ‘the untowardliest young fellow that I have known full of wild and ill conditions and I fear it will be his ruin, and for myself I have rid my lands of him’. His arrears were still outstanding at that time and the Earl planned to have him answer for his debts in England, where the Earl himself was living at the time, if the rent was not soon paid. ‘I wonder such a man as he would take himself to be, would deal so ungratefully and so unworthily, but’, the Earl determined, ‘I will make him pay it to his greater cost and shame.’[xix] Not long thereafter, from Clanricardes letter, Moore appears to have been replaced as ward of Meelick castle. Moore owned this castle.

33. Rheban Castle- In 1327 when Rheban Castle was captured by Lysagh O’More and owned the castle.

34. Woodstock Castle- was captured by Lysagh O’More and owned the castle. Thomas Fitzgerald, seventh Earl of Kildare, who, on marrying Dorothea, daughter of Anthony O'Moore, of Leix, in 1424, received the manors of Woodstock and Rheban as her dower.

35. Castlemore Castle- There is another castle called Castlemore in these part said to be built by the O' Moores.

36. Dovehill Castle – Carrick on Suir: That above is Dove Hill (or Duff Hill), originally built on land under the control of the O’Mores. Dovehill Castle is a 14 century Tower or Keep located about three miles west of Carrick-on-Suir. It was apparently owned by Connell O’More in 1348.