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Welcome to Clan Muir Society International

The purpose of this site is to share historic information about Clan Muir to their clan members, and anyone who is interested in learning about Clan Muir. . Clan Muir is one of the most powerful, wealthiest, large, famous and ancient clans in Scotland. Come with us on a journey to discovering who Clan Muir was, and discovering who they came from. Clan Muir is probably the only clan that continuously went thru hardship and much suffering. Many times clan Muir have been betray, been backstab, many clans hated and were jealous of us, and many tried to get rid of us but continue to fail. We are claimed by Clan Campbell, Clan Gordon, Clan Leslie, Clan Boyd, and Clan Grant as a Sept, but because with the resurgence of Clan Muir, we are happy to call ourselves a sept of no other Clan, but a clan upon itself and invite all Clan Brothers and Sisters home.

Muir name meaning:
Muir in Gaelic means: Large or Big Mor in Gaelic means: The Great
Muir in Middle English means: Moor or Heath Moore in Irish means: Noble or stately
Muir in Pictish means: By the Sea

Scottish Mottos
Clan Muir- Durum patientia frango
Moir Mottos:
Non sibi, sed cunctis (Not just for self, but for all).
Mediocriter (with moderation) or Sur experance (upon hope).
Major opima feret (Let the worthier carry off the prize).
Virtute non aliter (by virtue, not otherwise).
Non sibi, sed cunctia (For all, not himself).
Moir of Lockie/ Leckie- Ne oublie

Irish O'Mordha Mottos
O' More of Laois/ Lexi- Motto: Conlon Abú
Moore (Earl of Drogheda)- Motto: Fortis cadere cedere non potest. - The brave may fall, but cannot yield.
Moore (Earl of Mountcashel- Motto: Vis unita fortior.- "United Strength is Stronger
Moore (Ballina Co. Mayo and Alicante, Spain)- Motto: Fortis cadere cedere non potest.- The brave may fall, but cannot yield.
Moore of Ballymacrue-Motto: Perseverando et cavendo.
Clan Muir's Cap Badge:

Clan's Crest Badge: This is the crest badge of clan Muir. This is the clansman's badge, comprised of the crest from the chieftain's coat of arms, surrounded by a belt and buckle with the clan's motto. It may be worn by all members of the clan. The crest is A savage head couped Proper.

Motto: Durum Patientia Frango ( I overcome difficulty by patience/By patience I break what is hard).

Region of Scotland: Highlands, Lowlands, Galloway, and Scottish Borders

Pipe music: The March of the king of Laois

Clan Plant: The Rowan Tree

This is the clan's plant " The Rowan Tree"; The bonny rowan tree is a hardy little mountain ash tree with soft, delicate, fern-shaped leaves. Often planted as an ornamental tree for its beauty, it is also useful in providing an excellent source of shade in the summer. The rowan enjoys a rich history in its native land. Adored by many, it has been planted for its protective powers in mountain and cottage gardens for centuries. It is believed to ward off witches and evil spirits with its mystical virtues. It is also revered as the “Tree of Good Luck.” The rowan tree’s greatest virtue may simply be its benevolent gift of beauty through the seasons.

Clan Muir's Tartans
Clan Muir has four tartans in which the clansmen can wear.

Clan Muir Modern Tartan

Clan Muir Ancient Tartan

John Muir Tartan ( Dress)

Laois Tartan ( O'Mordha Tartan)

Laois Tartan 2 ( O'Modrha)

Longmuir Tartan

Coat of Arms of Clan Muir:

Picture Chieftain's coat of Arms- Muir of Rowallan with the coat of arms of Comyn.

Picture Coat of Arms of Muir of Rowallan.

Picture The Moirs coat of Arms of Aberdeen and the Highlands.

Picture The Irish O'Mordha clan's coat of arms. The lion is the symbol of the Milesian tribe and also the symbol of the tribe of Judah; in which the Moores are apart. The three stars that are shown in this coat of arms as well the coat of arms on the chieftains of clan Muir of Rowallan. The stars may represent the holy trinity.

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